Brand Junkie believes in emotional branding. We design unique branded products that deliver a strong emotional consumer-brand connection.

Emotional branding for today’s consumer

We believe the classic sales funnel is obsolete

Today’s consumer follows a complex interactive path towards and beyond the purchase. Consumer experience supersedes purchase as the consumer analyzes and shares his experience on social media. The consumer is now empowered to recommend or condemn a brand dramatically transforming a marketer’s perspective: the post-purchase path has become as critical as the pre-purchase journey.

A novel purchasing model

One can view the new purchasing process as a loop that can be severed by numerous factors namely potential consumers gathering user comments on your product. This fragile loop entices brands to solidify emotional connections with consumers. These emotional connections breed consumer loyalty.


Increasing your brand equity

Brand Junkie products create emotional connections. Once established, the connections lead to the purchase of another product of the same brand. Therefore, when creating a branded product, Brand Junkie analyzes every aspect of your brand. We probe deeply into its DNA to fully understand your brand’s true essence. We interview your brand’s enthusiasts to appreciate their needs and passion for the brand. We partner with you to deliver a perfect brand derivative and provide you with an attractive revenue-generating opportunity.

A differentiating product for brand enthusiasts

Brand Junkie creates bold, unique and differentiating product with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Our products target male brand enthusiasts – 25 to 55 – willing to pay a premium for a distinctive product. This product can be enticing enough to motivate favorable words for your brand.

Building consumer connection

One of the most efficient ways to build consumer connection is to market branded products common to everyday life. This strategy enables multiple contacts with the brand resulting in strong attachment. Our branded products aim to create consumer-brand connection to engage the consumer into favoring your brand for future purchases. Our products also provide a platform for ambassadors to promote their favorite brand.

Designing cool bar fridges and more

Brand Junkie is currently designing branded products for several iconic brands. One of our primary categories is the bar fridge. This ubiquitous essential perfectly complements the man cave or the garage, locations highly favored by our target consumers. Connect with Brand Junkie and enjoy a private viewing of our unique products.

Delivering marketing options

Brand Junkie products can serve as promotional tools, brand extensions or sellable products brought to market by our competent sales team. Whatever your strategic decision, we ensure great care in managing your existing distribution network responsibly.

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Emotional Branding

"Brand loyalty builds on emotional connections"

Brand loyalty is built on the emotional bond that links the brand and the consumer. Creating that connection is an art. Brand Junkie masters this craft by designing unique branded products that deliver strong emotional consumer-brand connection.



Branded product design

"We inspire consumer loyalty through unique branded design"

We create products that are part of the everyday life to ensure frequent and powerful touch points with the brand. These feel good moments strengthen the relation between the brand and the end-user. This true bonding experience is what every brand should aspire to.

Quality craftsmanship

"We deliver perfection, one branded product at a time "

Brand Junkie makes no compromises to deliver top quality:


Consumer experience

"Consumer experience leads to consumer loyalty"

Brand Junkie understands that total consumer satisfaction is key. Our dependable customer service team is devoted to each delivery.

Consulting champions

"Leading the fight to deliver wins"

Sales and marketing is Brand Junkie’s business. We analyze, strategize and step in the ring for you, from branding to distribution. Our team is pound for pound the most dedicated in the industry. We take ownership, and we deliver. No excuses.

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To access our product vault or gather more information on our products or services, connect with us.

To access our product vault or gather more information on our products or services, connect with us.